How Does This Work?

Ordering from this website is designed to be easy and quick.

Step 1) Pick one of your favorite photos. 

Step 2) Go to the Place an Order page.

Step 3) Click on the Choose File button. You can also drag and drop your image into this icon. 

Step 4) Once you upload your image, the cropping tool will open. Here you can crop or rotate your image as needed. 

Step 5) Select medium, size and number of people in the painting. For this portrait of my sister and her son, let's say we want a watercolor that's 8 x 10 inches. The form should look like this:

Step 6) Press Add to Cart, select your payment method and checkout. You'll receive a confirmation email automatically, and after that you can just sit back and relax. One month from the day of your order (or a little sooner), I'll ship out the painting and email you the tracking number for the shipment.